About Us


Singapore leading Fine Art printing Company called FULLSPECTRUM is your right choice printer source for outstanding quality prints that provides a superior level of customer service in the Digital Printing Technology today.

Fine Art paper is an exquisite way of displaying and protecting your images.

We have the capabilities to print up to the width of 60 ins ( 1.52m ) on Fine Art materials with certification from United States.

With competitive prices, value for money, museum quality fine art papers with rapid turnaround time, professional print and good colour management and a unbeatable guarantee, you can be rest assured that you are getting the finest art prints in Singapore.


What is Fine Art Paper?


Fine Art paper is a special paper used by artists to achieve specific results and to preserve finished work. The right paper can make the difference between an ordinary drawing or painting and an exceptional piece of art. Fine Art paper can be textured or smooth, colour or white. Ideally, all art paper should last for many years. Choosing the right paper is important, the size, weight, texture and finishing of the paper, all these influence the final result.